Embrace Flexibility


Embrace flexibility to create positive change.

We should not allow our thinking to get crystallized, rigid, or formed. Then we’ve lost the battle. To be set in your ways is to be part of history. We must keep all our options open and keep our thinking and our life flexible to make the most of our lives. We must be ready to embrace God-given interruptions in our lives. We must be ready to roll with the punches, to roll as the storm breaks because it always breaks when we least expect it. We must be open to ANY and ALL possibilities. If we’re not, we are or have become or will become rigid, hardened, and boring. We set ourselves upon a rock where the wind and storm will break us, but God is our refuge in the storm and He places our feet on solid ground. We should accept our behavioral history, identify places where we can compromise, practice flexible actions, do some mental stretching, reward our choice to retreat, and learn that failure IS functional. Flexibility in life does not mean perfection. It means being capable of being bent repeatedly without injury or damage. Amongst all this, first and foremost is the belief in God’s perfect plan and will for our lives. We must give up the life we imagined for the life that is waiting for us, the life that He orchestrated perfectly for us. “Ultimately spiritual awareness unfolds when you’re flexible, when you’re spontaneous, when you’re detached, when you’re easy on yourself and easy on others.” (Deepak Chopra said that) We are not the sole possessors of truth. We manage at times to agree willingly to become prisoners within our own minds and souls of beliefs, of expectations, of false perfections, of ideas on which we can never be flexible. God did not create us to stand in the storm to be blown away. He created us to stand in the storm and even when the wind blows hard against us trying to knock us down, He gives us the strength to adjust our sails. Let Him steer your ship today. Your road bumps, detours, and setbacks are just an adventure. Which life do you choose to live today? The one YOU planned for yourself that will ALWAYS leave you empty handed and empty hearted or the ONE that He created for you to fulfill your every need, to answer your every prayer, and to make you happy? I don’t see that being a hard choice.

Be blessed today,

XO Dagmara


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