Friendship Defined

Emotions are fickle. People are fickle. They are there one moment and the next they are gone. People say things they don’t mean. They lie to themselves. They are stuck in their own bubble. When you find true friends, keep them close. They are like family. They will make time for you at a moment’s notice. They will call you to check up on you. No matter how many times you get down even if it’s about the same thing, they’ll gently guide you and make you feel better always making time for a friend. They consider your feelings and emotions. They match deed to word. As much as we all have flaws as human beings, friends don’t just point out your flaws; they point out their own flaws, even sometimes doing so first. Friends remain focused in their life’s tasks, but all the while they still make time to lend an ear, a hand, but mostly their soul. Friends are not selfish. They are quick to apologize. They are gentle and slow to anger. They motivate you. They inspire you. They want the best for you and truly enjoy your presence. They make you feel appreciated always! They make it known that your time spent is appreciated and that your friendship is valued. They meet you half way. They give and expect nothing in return. They are consistent, they are trustworthy, they match deed to word, and they are THERE. The important thing to remember is we as humans cannot change people. But we observe and we make choices based off of that. Pray for those that cannot recognize how their behavior affects others. The important ones who truly value you and appreciate will make it known; especially before it’s too late. Life is short. Make it count…. Especially with people that matter and that love you.


In His Hands,


Friendship Defined

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